Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy Bee

Hi everyone! That's right, I've been a busy bee - summer has been more hectic than the school year! Recently I've been sewing a lot of custom monster pencil cases and keeping them in stock has been difficult. But, Wendell is still looking for a home (and she wants you to know that she's pretty awesome). The cool thing is that I bought over a hundred GORGEOUS zippers in every color imaginable so making these monsters has been more fun than ever before.

Summer is also coming to an end (boooo!) and I think I'm done with craft shows for the summer season. Here I am at P.S. Kensington in Toronto, which was my last show that took place in a huge thunderstorm:

Thank goodness it cleared up a bit in the afternoon! And no, that tent is NOT sturdy! I'm looking at some shows in October and December, but I have to make sure my school schedule doesn't clash.

Random tidbit: my 2009 year-end goal is to hit 400 sales. Right now I'm at 328 so maybe it's a bit of a stretch, but I am hoping the holiday season kicks sales into high gear!