Sunday, April 12, 2009

Big on Bloor festival!

It's the 2nd annual Big on Bloor festival! 

When: June 20th from 1-9 pm.

Where: Bloor Street West, from Christie to Landsdowne

Guess who is going to be there? ME!!!!!!! No, not me as an attendee, but me as a person who rented a table & will be selling various fun things! I'm especially excited because of these reasons:

1) This is my FIRST show/festival I will attend as a seller. Big on Bloor is fantastic because it's affordable, fun, and attracts a large crowd in the wonderful city of Toronto in the summer! I'm hoping that this will be the first of many and am definitely looking for more craft shows to attend. A lot of time school gets in the way (such as the One of a Kind Show is during exams) but the summer is perfect!

2) I will be sharing a table with an awesome designer/crafter - modernemotive. Her stuff is absolutely fantastic and wonderful and I love it. This way I will also feel less intimidated because we are both festival/show noobs! I might also get to meet serenadraws & mchenwears!

3) I will get to MEET fellow crafters and buyers in person! I mean, that's pretty awesome because I only sell online and yes, it's fantastic, but there's a special magic in seeing/meeting your customer and knowing that they will use your product. For example, a friend told me they saw someone downtown wearing one of my t-shirts. THAT is cool. I wish that could happen more, and it might if I sell at Toronto craft fairs!

Anyway, I actually haven't gotten the confirmation from Big on Bloor yet so it's not even 100% set. Haha! But I got kind of too excited. When I know my exact table location I will tell the entire world and I expect anybody in Toronto to visit me! So, stay tuned! :)