Sunday, April 26, 2009

Small update

Hello all! I've been missing in action from the internet / Twitter / blogging world for a little while due to studying.

A small update:
1) This morning I woke up and rikrak emailed me saying I had won her giveaway! There's probably no better thing to wake up to! You should check out her shop if you haven't already - filled with gorgeous eco-friendly stuff like wallets, iron-ons, clutches, coasters, etc. I chose a custom wallet for my new business cards (that are on their way) and two iron-ons!
2) My button giveaway is ending soon and I AM keeping track of everyone's entries! Enter before May 1st and have a chance to win!
3) I have started sewing for the Big on Bloor Festival and have done 8 pouches already (in between the textbooks). Stay tuned for a blog entry about my progress! I think my goal is to have 70-80 pouches for the festival in June! Any unsold ones will go into my Etsy shop.

I will be back soon! :D

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