Saturday, April 11, 2009

A tour...

Welcome! I have decided to give a tour of my "workspace". Now, I put "workspace" in quotation marks because as you can see, it's more of a post-hurricane area or a pigsty. I'm thinking/hoping that many of you out there may also be the absent-minded messy types and also have ridiculously messy work areas. That's just what I think to make myself feel better!

First picture - this is actually the corner of my bedroom. In this photo you can see such things as: a wobbly easel, various paintings (cupcakes! abstract! feet!), a heat radiator fan thing that keeps me cozy in winter, acrylic paints that I never remember to put the lid on, my beloved button maker that cost me an arm and a leg (picture 2), vinyl (picture 3), multi-colored zippers, blue cardstock my company (where I work part-time) wanted to throw out, etc. It's not exactly easy to vacuum that corner of my room but I think I might do some spring cleaning soon!
This is a shot of a monster pouch in progress! He's being made for my little cousin's friend and is still laying flat! I also love my funky pin cushion which you can see at the top. I received it pretty recently from Etsian Spoolofplenty and prior to that, I would always put my needles on the floor, stuck in the carpet, on my bed, etc. NOT a good idea! I'm usually sewing these pouches on my work desk or even while I'm sitting in front of the TV.

I'm already really lucky that my room is quite large and I have the SPACE for all these things! So, what's your workspace like? Are you as messy as I am? Do you have any good organizational tips?

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  1. I have a "path" to get to my "workspace." however, that space is highly organized. I can find things w/out looking! my tips? lots of drawers and cubbies.