Saturday, April 11, 2009

My first post ever!

Hello everyone! This is officially my 1st blog post ever and yes, I'm quite excited. So, what sort of things will I blog about? Let's see... my Etsy shop ( updates, pictures of projects in progress/what I'm working on, other shops/websites I like, giveaways and contests, rants and raves relating to art/design/crafting/life, and anything else of interest to those creative awesome individuals out there. 

Mainly I wanted to start this blog so that it would drive me to document things - I've always wanted to take more photos, not just of finished projects, but of things in their messy unfinished state, or of interesting things when I walk around the city. I'm thinking that this is a great networking/traffic driving tool as well. I hope so, at least! And also, I promise to keep this blog updated! 

I'm going to stop rambling for now. Please say hello or subscribe to my blog! If you have any suggestions, comments, or pieces of advice (because I AM a blogging noob), please feel free to comment/contact me! 

Lastly, wooooo! Blogging!

Other ways to say hello: 


  1. Yahoo, welcome to blog-world!!! Looking forward to reading your posts 'n' updates :)

  2. yay!! you did it and it looks fabulous. looking foward to reading your posts (lillypotdesigns) on Twitter :)

  3. Congrats on setting this up - looks great! Will be checking in on your posts...

  4. Welcome to blog land!! you will get addicted to blogging.

  5. messy studio equals tons of business

  6. hi!! Welcome to blogging :) It's lots and lots of fun!