Thursday, April 16, 2009

School versus crafting!

It's a classic match up - SCHOOL versus CRAFTING. I found one of my plushie stencils on my desk and it shows EXACTLY what's happening with this battle. 

Here we have a cute little stencil of my miniature plushies. I put the paper to the fleece and cut accordingly. Anyway, what paper did I use for it? Those are slides from my accounting class. "Financial reporting under ideal conditions" is one of the slides. Haha. 

What's even greater is the back of the stencil. I was scribbling things to memorize for my marketing test. A lot of it seemed like "common sense" but when you list things out you do actually apply it to your own business. Here's a lesson:

Price / Place / Product / Promotion

Consumer / Competition / Company

What do you do with the market?
Segment the market, target the ones that are valuable, position yourself within those markets

Business strategies (which one do you use more of?):
Production - lots of quantity
Product - quality products
Selling - push products through first-degree selling techniques like craft shows, etc.
Marketing - push products through marketing such as online ads, etc.
Societal marketing - a marketing concept to make good marketing decisions based upon consumers' wants, company's requirements and society's long-term interests
Obviously in class we were taught that the "societal marketing" strategy was the best combination of various factors. As I said, pretty common sense, but it's good to know the terms nonetheless.

So you see, this plushie stencil actually contains some valuable information! Not only the dimensions and shape of my plushies, but boring school stuff too. :)

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  1. Woohoo, you're a blogging queen!!! And look at this: adorable AND edumacational. Woohoo for you :)